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Join me in my efforts to support Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!

Thank you for supporting Isaac and his efforts to help out other children at the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation.The Stollary Hospital is very near and dear to our hearts. We are grateful to have such a wonderful resource at our disposal. When Isaac was 3 years old he was diagnosed with premature ventricular contractions. We began seeing a pediatric cardiologist and were put through many tests. It was then he was diagnosed with his PVC's and what this means for Isaac is that his heart beats 2 extra times every 15 seconds. If you have PVCs, your heartbeat pattern goes like this: normal heartbeat, extra beat (PVC), slight pause, and then a stronger-than-normal beat. That last beat has extra "kick" because your heart fills with more blood during the pause. Isaac is lucky to be monitored on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well. We feel safe knowing they have his best interest at heart. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and means a great deal to us.
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