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Team Statistics

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  Team Name Team Captain Donation Total
Beaumont Braves BE885Kim ChandlerCAN$2,785.00
Beaumont Braves BE892Kelly FalkinerCAN$1,820.00
Beaumont Braves BE897Jacinthe MunkedalCAN$2,365.00
Beaumont Braves BE900Susan ClarkCAN$765.00
Beaumont Braves BE904Jodie VessoCAN$1,895.00
Bonnyville PontiacsAshley VasseurCAN$715.00
Cold LakeShannon BouthietteCAN$1,860.00
Confed Bullets SW589Xin LiCAN$800.00
Confed Kings SW587Kristin VossCAN$1,975.00
Confed Lightning SW572Rae WestmannCAN$500.00
Confed Phoenix SW575Michael GoodwinCAN$1,851.00
Confed Raptors SW 597Angela HalwaCAN$1,530.00
Confed Snipers SW588Troy DyckCAN$950.00
Confed Thunder SW571Ryan KaczurCAN$9,178.00
Confederation Bandits SW604Lise CoxCAN$1,605.00
Confederation Generals SW603Lisa ThomasCAN$810.00
Confederation Vipers SW602Richard MiddletonCAN$160.00
Crowfoot CoyotesMegan MalaschukCAN$0.00
Devon Atom 1Kristina RowlandCAN$4,410.00
EGHA Swarm EG700Joanne JohnsonCAN$2,315.00
Fountain Tire Red WingsChris MandrusiakCAN$2,130.00
Glenlake HawksChristopher EllyinCAN$0.00
Hawks Athletics NW274NW274 Team General FundraisingCAN$2,255.00
KC Saints KC041Nicole Falcone-DempseyCAN$1,350.00
KC Saints KC053Jenn Van RykCAN$7,132.00
KC St Matthew Spartans KC094Larry PaltzatCAN$2,540.00
KC Warriors KC040Jackson CopelandCAN$2,720.00
Lloydminster Royal Well Services Blazers...Heather MarchandCAN$900.00
Mannville HawksKerri LorensonCAN$600.00
NE Eagles NE208Stephen TsoCAN$3,265.00
North Seera Dark Knights SE468Brandy NelsonCAN$1,955.00
North Seera Knights SE452Amanda HeifordCAN$3,920.00
North Seera Thunder SE451Katherine NieckarCAN$2,420.00
NW Whitemud West NW342Tracy Reyes-FiszerCAN$3,865.00
Riverview LightningMax & Ben CoghlanCAN$14,285.00
Sherwood Park Arrows SP794Bobbi KozickiCAN$2,705.00
Sherwood Park Grizzlies SP796Malakai RowanCAN$2,120.00
Sherwood Park Knights SP830Pam CholakCAN$1,660.00
Sherwood Park Raptors SP808Meghan NicholsonCAN$3,390.00
Sherwood Park SP799Caroline FrayCAN$4,615.25
Sherwood Park SP818Darrell PaquetteCAN$2,480.00
St Albert Bandits SA738Tina NightingaleCAN$2,680.01
St Albert Blades SA720Krystal RalphCAN$3,195.00
St Albert Ice Queens (females) SA728...Alicia SabatinoCAN$2,315.00
St Albert Knights SA752Jeff CarlsonCAN$3,175.00
St Albert SA721Alicia SabatinoCAN$4,165.00
St Albert Snipers Female SA746Leanne ElaschukCAN$3,200.00
St Albert Snipers SA722Blair AddisonCAN$1,890.00
St Albert Steel SA751Cindy De BruijnCAN$2,160.00
Strathcona Novice 1BTravis HoriachkaCAN$2,465.00
SWAT Devils SW643Paul StoneCAN$3,706.00
SWAT Falcons SW659Erin PoulsenCAN$2,640.00
SWAT Force SW674Antonietta BorrelliCAN$2,274.00
SWAT Hurricanes SW671SW671 Team FundraisingCAN$8,859.00
SWAT Ice Ninjas SW655Lindsay WalkerCAN$476.00
SWAT Narwhals SW660Mike StainesCAN$3,165.00
SWAT Pandas (all girls) SW654Basia BraaksmaCAN$3,595.00
SWAT Phoenix SW675Andrew BurnettCAN$2,850.00
SWAT Red Devils SW639Erica BennettCAN$1,973.45
SWAT Scorpions SW646SWAT ScorpionsCAN$2,315.00
SWAT Snipers SW676Jill BryksCAN$850.00
SWAT Spartans SW638Jane MilesCAN$6,445.00
SWAT Steelers SW677Krystal FortinCAN$4,370.00
SWAT Thunder SW662Kate MacKenzieCAN$650.00
SWAT Vipers SW661Christopher DelucaCAN$22,965.00
SWZ Oil Kings (Heschuk) SW519Bill BedardCAN$2,833.00
SWZ Oil Kings (Serdachny) SW515...Hunn TaCAN$3,660.00
SWZ Oil Kings (Smith) SW518Trena VikCAN$1,665.00
SWZ Oil Kings (Whitehead) SW516...Rae WestmannCAN$2,135.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW517Clayton MilesCAN$2,025.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW523South West Zone 523CAN$1,290.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW524Shannon GartnerCAN$6,780.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW530Cindy NeufeldCAN$2,155.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW531Lisa Brown SwartzCAN$4,098.00
SWZ Oil Kings SW532Chemira HumphrysCAN$2,686.00
Whitemud West Blizzards NW331Samantha LeeCAN$23,475.00
Whitemud West Hitmen NW362Lisa DarlingCAN$300.00
Whitemud West Legends NW360Seth SantosCAN$4,985.00
Whitemud West NW361Keri EminCAN$9,291.00
Whitemud West Spartans NW364Charlene CoreaCAN$10,295.00
Whitemud West Vipers NW321Catrina HartmannCAN$4,135.00
 Indicates Team is accepting new members from the public.
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